Schedule of Primary Competitions

Registration fees range from 20-60 euros per team per tournament, generally - this is a fee that is charged by the tournament, not by HMDA. HMDA pays the fee and then charges the participating students. 

Most tournaments require that attending delegations bring judges with them - if sufficient number of judges are not provided by the delegation, an additional fee is sometimes required, not exceeding 50 euros per judge.

When the competition is offline - requiring travel - HMDA shall attempt to minimize travel and lodging expenses.

Paris World Schools Championship, online - Sept Sept 30 - Oct 2 - WS
War of Words - Oct 29-Nov 2 - WS
Budapest Open, offline - Nov 25-27 - BP

KCL Schools 2022, online - Dec 10 - BP
Winter Holidays Open, online - Dec 16-21 - WS


Oxford qualifiers - January 21-22- BP
WSDC qualifiers - February 11-12 - WSDC
Oxford Schools competition, offline - March 11 - BP
IDTL (Ljutomer, Slovenia), TBD, mid March - WS
ICYD Qualifiers - late March (after Oxford) - BP
Prague Debate Spring Open, TBD - mid April - WS
ICYDs (for 15 and under students), offline, Cambridge - around third weekend of April - BP
NSDC (Nordic Schools Debating Championship, offline (Copenhagen, Denmark) - late April-early May
Doxbridge, probably online, probably June - WS
WSDC Vietnam, offline (probably in Hanoi, Vietnam), July 18-28 - WS

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