HMDA came into existence because I felt it was unacceptable that international level English language debate was inaccessible to most kids in Hungary. Only a few schools have debate clubs, the students receive no coaching, and they do not generally know how to get started. The incredible benefits of debate - critical thinking, self awareness, knowledge of the word, fast cognition, quick learning, research techniques, and networking wth the smartest other kids in the world - are lost to most without attending, frankly, just a few institutions. I feel that it is time to change this in Hungary. Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy or I would fund a competitive team out of my own pocket and take them all over the world to competitions. I still intend to achieve this goal, although it is going to take time. Fundamentally, I want to make debate open to as many kids as possible and assist other institutions in creating their own debate clubs or societies. Consequently, in consultation with debaters nd educators who are passionate about this activity, I have formulated the following scholarship tiers:

Tier Merit: after each international competition where a speaker award is won by a student or the team advances to elimination rounds, the student earns 10% off of the monthly tuition. This is cumulative until the tuition is reduced to a minimum of 50%.

Tier Need:  In the event that a student wishes to debate and after the free coaching and initial assessment they can no longer continue because of financial hardship - and the initial assessment indicates talent and ability, the student and his/her parents can apply fo a full need-based scholarship.

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